How am I celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Month?  By introducing you to my amazing friends, of course! Over the last 15 years, I have met so many incredible military spouses who are thriving in an ever-changing environment and I want to share their awesomeness!


My career since graduating from law school has taken several twists and turns.  When my husband joined the Air Force, I had to leave behind a job I loved.  I tried to take the job with me, insisting that I’d be able to work remotely.  But back then, remote work was not common, especially in the legal field.  In the years since, I’ve had many other careers: paralegal, legal assistant, photographer, and Realtor. 


The unemployment rate for active duty military spouses is at 24%! And it’s not because we don’t want to work.  Over 31% of active duty military spouses who are working part-time say they want to work full-time.   If you’re a military family, you know how it goes: you move to a new city, you start looking for a job, you may get an interview or two, and then you get passed over because your resume is all over the place.  Or,  you manage to find a job, but you’re only there a short time before you have to move and start over again. 


I met Erica McMannes a few years ago in Virginia, after I had started my real estate career.  We met through a Facebook group when she reached out with questions about moving to Virginia. I reached out to help, and invited her to a meet-up for military spouse entrepreneurs and business owners.  We hit it off right away – we’re both mom of two boys, we are both highly educated, and we were equally frustrated by the unpredictability of military life on our careers. Plus, we’re introverts!


What I love most about Erica is that she is tackling this problem head on.   She’s been an effective advocate for military spouse employment opportunities, and she’s put her money where her mouth is.   Erica, along with Liza Rodewald (also a military spouse), co-founded InstantTeams, a remote workforce made up of military spouses and military connected individuals. 


InstantTeams assembles and manages remote teams positions to fit any business’s needs, from marketing and billing, to tech support and much more.  It takes the burden off of hiring, onboarding, and HR from a business.  At the same time, the teams are made up of skilled military spouses and other military connected individuals who may not otherwise have a chance at a career.

It’s the future of work and of military spouse employment, and Erica is a trailblazer in the industry.

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