How Long Should It Take to Sell My Home? Part 5: The Dynamic Market

How long should it take to sell my home?

That’s a great question, and absent a crystal ball, we have to rely on market data to answer that question. There are several things to consider: supply and demand, absorption rates, competition, and seasonality.

It’s also important to remember that the market is dynamic, and literally shifts every single day with new listings coming on the market, properties selling and expiring, etc.  Each closing creates a new comparable for an appraisal, and so we must constantly monitor closing activity as it can lead to changes in market value between the time your listing goes active and when the appraisal for the buyer’s mortgage is completed.

So…back to our initial question…"how long should it take to sell my home?”  I use a 10 step methodology to answer that question, along with recommending a list price.  Then, I meet with you every 30 days to review what has happened in the market, and how that may affect our current market position.

If you’re a seller who has been wondering if it might finally be time to sell this summer, e-mail me at and I can prepare a complimentary analysis of market value for you – you just may be pleasantly surprised.

Nadia Anac